The Dreaded Push Up

I hate push ups.  I hate the fact that I can only to a few on my toes and the rest I have to be on my knees making me feel weak.  I hate that I never feel like I have the correct form.  So many things to hate about the push up.  You know what that means though, right?  I must do more of them.  Let’s figure this out and conquer it and throw a big party when I can do 10 on my toes with the correct form.  Then we’ll throw another one at 20.  #babysteps

So here’s what I’m doing:



One of the things I love about this one is that it starts on Day 1.  Not July 1.  So there’s no excuse to not start today because it’s July 10.  Go for it. I started on the 7th.  Plus it’s gradual.  I can totally do 5 push ups on my toes.  It wasn’t easy by any means and 7 last night was even harder but it’s still not very many.  I am, however, a little nervous about 225 squats on day 26 but I’m going to take it one day at a time. #babysteps

I’ve also started to carry around this BPA free water bottle:


You’re supposed to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water so if I have three of these a day, that’s over my quota. The body is so dehydrated when you wake up and the caffeine I put in it with tea/coffee just makes it worse so I am filling it first thing in the morning to hopefully polish off before work.  Plus…




P.S. I did not eat the small chocolate muffin in the break room this morning as I made my coffee even though I really wanted it (#babysteps), but I really, really hope someone else does before I have to go in there and look at it again.  I still have 15 more lbs to go and they aren’t going to fall off in my sleep unfortunately even though I pray everyday that they do.  I pray for that and world peace of course.


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