Get to the Root of the Problem

This day started out in one of the most lovely ways <insert sarcasm font>.  I was walking back to my bedroom with my yummy berry detox tea that had been seeping while I was in the shower and stepped on a cold wet spot on the carpet.  Houston we had a leak.  Just the thing to deal with at 6am in your bathrobe. So after four towels I felt like it was getting worse, not better.  My boyfriend says, “Do you want to let your landlord deal with it?” to which I responded, “Not until I get to the root of the problem.”  See landlords don’t always respond in the speediest fashion, especially at 6am.  I needed to find out where the leak was coming from and if I could stop it so go to work and deal with it later or if it was just going to get worse while I waited for my landlord to fix it.  What if it was from my neighbor above and I needed to knock on their door and tell them they had a problem?  What if I needed to pull out the stackable washer and dryer unit and shut it off at the source?  All things that I need to know the answer to before I can go to work.  I needed to know that I could deal with it when the rest of the world is awake – after work.

So here were have another theme in life – get to the root of the problem.  Whether it’s weight gain or bad relationships or dead end jobs, the common denominator in your problems is YOU so get to the root of the problem.  Which is what I have been trying to do.  Why do I overeat?  Why do I continue to eat things that I know are going to make me feel badly? Why do I think I will get up and run in the morning when I know darn well that the prospect of running is not going to get my butt out of bed any earlier that I have to for work?

I’m getting to the root of my problems.  I’m trying to fill my life with healthy things that feed my soul so I don’t chose unhealthy things that don’t.  I’m learning from my mistakes so I don’t repeat them.  I’m keeping my fingers busy with this blog and my hands with helping others so I don’t use them to find unhealthy snacks.  I’m learning that the only person that I have to live with is myself so I better be able to live with the decisions that I made.  I’m going to church more and reading the bible more because being less connected with God is certainly part of the root of the problem.  I’m learning that no one can make me feel a certain way.  I make myself feel that way by either projecting or choosing to stay in a situation that I know makes me feel badly.

I am, however, human and I did have that Doubletree cookie today because they are so dang good, but I will not have one tomorrow and I won’t beat myself up about the one I had today.  I am human so I will slip – I’m not perfect.  I’m perfectly imperfect and love the person I’m growing to be.  You can only give someone else as much love as you give yourself, and my someone else deserves lots of love so I have to get busy loving me – all the curves and all the edges.

What problem will you get to the root of?


Oh and here’s my new favorite leg workout of the day (and by “favorite” I mean holy-cow-these-hurt-like-a-mother-when-we-did-them-last-night):  Side Leg Lifts

The instructor kept saying they would help with our saddlebags and that made me push harder to do one more even when I wanted to quit.

Here are four different types of leg lifts for you to try tonight to wake up your lower body:




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