It’s Time to Face Reality

It’s time to face reality.  For me that means so many things but for the purpose of this blog I’ll save you and just focus on one.  For me facing reality means not hiding behind black all the time.  It means wearing <gasp> tank tops more often.  See the thing is that I HATE my arms.  Yes, hate is a strong word, and it’s something I strive to work on but when I’m doing an hour long spin class in front of a mirror and I’m forced to look at them in action in a tank top, I hate them.

For the past 2-3 years on this journey, I mostly wear shirts with sleeves to the gym and I feel good about myself but it’s time to get serious.  These last 10-15 stubborn pounds that won’t budge until I give up the things that I love (anything sweet) need to go.  That means facing reality.  That means motivation by wearing tank tops so I can see the areas that need focus and attention.  That means not hiding behind black clothes.

The angel on one shoulder reminds me that these arms are the ones that can still lift my giant 70 pound 8 year old when he falls down or needs a hug or falls asleep in the car on the way home from an exhausting day.  I am grateful for them so I will change it to “I hate the way my arms look in a tank top.”  HA!  How’s that?  (If I have to, here’s my current favorite tank top for working out.)

What will you face today?


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