Getting Rid of What Doesn’t Serve Me

It’s time for spring cleaning – my favorite time of year! My deepest darkest fear is that I will be a hoarder like my grandmother and mother are.  I see the signs from time to time…like every time I open my trunk.  I think the best thing I could have done for myself in that regard was move into a much smaller place so there are less places for me to store things.  Five bedrooms equals a lot of storage space.  I relish in the times when I am throwing away things and making trips to the goodwill.

The two most recent items I parted with have been with me for some time – a keruig k-cup holder and wine rack.


For starters, those little k-cups are expensive and wine isn’t exactly cheap.  I find it somewhat symbolic that they are in my goodwill bag.  They symbolize living within a budget, making space for the things that I need (I have very little counter space in my kitchen so I can use every bit of it), and putting less of the things that aren’t good for me in my body.

As I look in my closet I see other items that I need to part with as well:   clothes that are too big for me, a box of memories from my last relationship, and shoes that I haven’t worn in years.   One step at a time.  “They” say that once you let go of the past, you can start living in the present.  I’m ready.

What could you get rid of that isn’t serving you?  What do you need to make room for?


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