Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

I wish I had come up with that one but actually, while I’m wishing, I just wish I had listened to the people that said that and heeded their advice.  I was starving as I drove home one day last week and a busy evening ahead of me and I needed a snack or I feared I would turn into Robin Williams. On my way to my next stop from work was a Krystal’s <insert ashamed look here>.  “What’s the harm in one little tiny Krystal Chik?” I thought.  Besides the guilt of eating fast food and not having a plan for when I get hungry so I don’t resort to unhealthy delicious morsels of yumminess, nothing really.  Just 300 empty calories and 16 grams of fat.  My body deserves better on a regular basis and I give it just that most of the time but every now and then I slip.

So I know myself pretty well. I know that when I get hungry, I will put things in my mouth that I will regret mentally and physically.  So I need a plan.  Guess what showed up in my life Friday?  A MEAL PLAN! <Cue the angels singing>  My dear friend who is on a mission to lose weight is following this meal plan from a friend’s trainer, and it’s just what I needed.  I know that I don’t eat enough calories so I’m continuing to lose weight, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I need to add back some calories from protein and veggies.  I have too much sugar from fruit in my diet so there’s still too much jiggle for my liking.  This meal plan was just what I was looking for: five small meals a day, high protein, low carbs.  Now the prep work is a pain and it’s not sustainable forever because I like my fruit for breakfast, but I have less than three weeks until our family cruise so it’s crunch time!

(I don’t think it would be right for me to share the meal plan here because I’m sure it’s part of what the trainer charges for, but it’s simple and you can probably google what I described above and find something.)

Of course all this planning talk made me think about having a plan for all areas of your life.  (I love a theme.)  You need a financial plan to be financially successful.  You need a plan for your family in order for it to flourish.  How in the world will you know what to do next if you have no idea what you are working towards?  I’m going to write mine down.  I think it sticks when you put pen to paper.  And I’m going to forgive myself for not heeding this advice much earlier in life than this.  I’m going to make a plan and work my plan and I’m actually excited about it!


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