Having Your Cake and Eating it

You can’t have your cake and eat it too?  Says who?  I think that saying is quite possibly the most defeating one around and I absolutely hate it.  What’s the point of cake if you can’t eat it?!?!

I have struggled with it for some time though because people have said it to me and I bow out of the race for the life I want because “they” say I can’t eat my “cake”.  I have decided that I will prove them wrong.  I’ll work harder.  I’ll earn it.  Maybe I’ll change the ingredients of my cake or the size  or shape of my cake but dammit I’ll have cake and I’ll enjoy every bite!

This blog post helped me decide that.

And if you need a song to go with this blog post, this is what’s currently playing in my head while I type this.  The lyrics are a little explicit and don’t really apply to this blog because I’m not referring to …well …what she’s referring to, but you’ll see why I chose it.

Enjoy your cake!


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