Listen to Your Insides

Before I get into my little life lesson of the day, I want to tell you about a yummy recipe that I made tonight:  Lentil Soup.  Be sure to read the comments and mix it up with more veggies and other things to add flavor.  346 calories, 22g of fiber (now that I’m typing this that sounds like a lot) and 18g of protein per serving so there was still room for a tiny dessert.  Enjoy!


So I’ve blogged about listening to your heart but this goes a little further.  As I’ve gotten older I have become more in tune with my body.  I’ve heard this would happen but of course my simple brain couldn’t comprehend what that would mean and that it would enhance other areas as well.

If you’ve been reading you know that I had been having some issues with my skin. Well that is no more thank God – literally! It took me a while to figure out what the problem was.  I spent money on different creams and cleansers but nothing was working.  I brainstormed about what was different now that I hadn’t been doing six months ago.  Then one day it hit me – it was my birth control! The very thing that would prevent pregnancy was keeping men away before we could even get that far. Awesome.  I called my doc immediately and switched and I’ve been clean and clear and under control since.  It was something that I was putting inside my body not something on the outside.  Lesson learned.

Recently Atlanta has experienced some … how do I put this … weather troubles, so I’ve been stuck home for about 48 hours and it’s been cold.  So I can’t go to the gym or get healthy groceries to make fresh salads so yesterday I just ate whatever came to mind.  For breakfast I had cereal.  For lunch I had scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes and roasted asparagus (not awful but I had two servings of potatoes).  For dinner I had frozen pizza, edamame (to make me feel a little better) and a warm chocolate chip cookie from the oven with a glass of almond milk (I’m trying to give up cow’s milk).  Carbs, carbs and more carbs, and literally I felt awful all day – slight headache, sluggish, bloated (and other things I won’t discuss here).  It wasn’t a pretty sight to say the least so thank goodness no one was seeing me.  I vowed before I went to bed that night that I wouldn’t have a single carb the next day.  I woke up and had a banana, scrambled eggs (1 whole and 2 egg whites) and a cup of green tea sweetened with local honey.  For lunch I had a fried chicken salad with extra tomatoes from the neighborhood cafe.  For dinner I had the lentil soup referenced above and I went to the gym. Now I know that wasn’t a perfect day with the fried chicken and I snuck in a few Hershey’s kisses as a snack (shame!) but let me tell you, I felt a million times better!  My body does not like carbs.  Lesson learned.

Now I listen to my body much more than I used to and it’s happy when I do.  I feel better.  I think about what it would feel like to eat something before I put it in my mouth and if my body doesn’t want that glass of wine or bag of chips, I listen to it and don’t have it.

What is your body trying to tell you?


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