Love is No Good Without Respect

Do you ever look back at certain parts of your life and wonder what happened?  Not in a regret kind of way but in a let’s-not-repeat-that kind of way.  These past few years have been filled with many thoughts of just that. You know I’m big on learning the lesson so I don’t repeat it and lord knows I don’t want to repeat all that weight gain and yo-yo dieting and a divorce and being a mediocre mom and shopping too much so what is it exactly that I’m lacking?  In what areas could I improve?  We’ve gone over some of them and since going over my faults is soooo much fun for me, we’ll focus on one that came to me over the weekend – R-E-S-P-E-C-T (sing it with me!).

In this new relationship I often ask myself, “what in the world makes me think I can make this one work when I failed at my first marriage?” as I’m sure many people that have recently been through a divorce have asked themselves (surely I’m not alone). Since I’m all about making it simple and looking for common themes, I think it boils down to respect or lack thereof.  Respect for myself and respect for others.  It’s possible that I went through a phase where I lacked both, as much as I hate to admit my shortcomings.  I said to myself many times, “why isn’t my love for him enough?”  I always knew I was a loving person so I was stumped until it finally hit me this weekend.  Love is not enough.  You must also have respect.

What on earth does this have to do with weight loss and working out, you ask? Well, everything actually.  Anyone can lose weight.  I’ve lost all this weight before.  The trick will be keeping it off and for me it has to be mental.  I had to know the why so I don’t ever go back to where I was before.  It’s constant work on myself both inside and out.  Going to the gym and soul searching.  Ordering veggies without butter as a side and not spending more money at TJ Maxx than I should.  Respect yourself and your body enough to not abuse it.  Eat healthy things from the earth and exercise regularly by going outside on a pretty day or meeting a friend at the gym.  Make it a lifestyle change though.  Do it because you respect what god has given you, not because you want to look good in that dress.  Although I am glad I can finally fit into that dress 😉

P.S. I’m reading this book “40 Things to do When you turn 40.” I figure I’ll be ahead of the game when I get to 40 by knowing what that next chapter holds for me.  I have not been disappointed so far and I don’t think you will either if you like my blog and need a little inspiration.


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