Don’t Rush the Destination

This title is kind of funny given that at this moment I’m stuck in Houston on a layover and my flight is delayed and I can’t wait to get to my destination – home…Atlanta.

Have you seen this Kellogg’s video on YouTube:

I’ve blogged about me working on patience but I think it’s more about my rush to get to the destination than me being impatient.  I’m a patient person, especially with my son and most other people…as long as they aren’t standing in between me and what I want.  Like my ex-husband standing in between me and wanting a kid or my friend that says I’m not ready to apply for that promotion.  Maybe they are/were right.  Maybe I was rushing it.  I still had/have so much to learn.

I watched an adorable rosy cheeked tow headed boy on the flight in the row adjacent to me and I couldn’t help but reminisce about when my son was that little.  The soft skin and dimpled hands that I could squeeze on and kiss forever if he’d let me and if I didn’t have anything else to do…like work, shower, sleep and the thousands of other things that took up my time when he was that small.  God he was rotten but so adorable and mine and he still is all those things but boy do I miss a baby.  That little boy across the aisle was the perfect example of why not to rush the destination.  Soak up the journey.  The best part for me has been all the people I’ve met along the way and everything I’ve learned from them and the laughs we’ve had.  The journey is where all the good stuff lies.  Don’t miss it being so focused on the destination.

What moment or part of your life are you rushing that you could stand to sit in for a little longer?


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