Don’t Underestimate Yourself

Over the holidays I vacationed in New Orleans with a friend and I went to the gym twice…begrudgingly.  He pushes me to go because he knows I’ll be happy that I did but I don’t want to…each time I curse him.  The most common excuse I tell myself (in my head of course because most of the things I think would make me sound crazy if I said them out loud) is that I won’t burn enough calories to make it worth it.  That I won’t push myself as hard as I should. Wrong!  I was sore both times I worked out.  Don’t you hate when you prove yourself wrong? GAH!  Almost as bad as someone else proving you wrong.

I worked out for less than an hour both times – ran a mile and did some weights (arms one day and legs the next) – and I, little old me, made myself sore.  I shall never underestimate myself again.

I bought some jeans before vacation…okay I bought a few things…sue me.  I bought a pair of $40 size 8 jeans.  $40 may not seem like a lot to you but it is to me.  I was so pumped to be in a size 8.  So I’ve worn them a few times and broken them in and guess what? They are too big! I’m feeling a mixture of emotions. On one hand – YAY I can wear a size 6.  On the other – Why didn’t I just buy the size 6 to begin with and not waste $40?  If I stop underestimating myself, I can save money too – BONUS!

A girlfriend once said to me, “Candice, I’ll always look at myself and see the fat girl.” Lord knows I still have those days. Actually, I had one on New Year’s Day.  Then today I put on a size 8 suit that I bought a year ago, and it is now too big on me.  A year ago someone at my office had to talk me into the 8 because she said the 10 I bought looked too big.  So I took off the pants today after my meeting (once I was back in the privacy of my own home of course) and thought of my friend and how just two days ago I felt no fitter than I was two years ago and how wrong I was for even thinking that.  I will not underestimate myself or make light of all the hard work I have done. I look great and I’m proud of myself and I’m not ashamed to say both.  Rinse.  Repeat.


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