Working on My Weak Areas

OUCH!  Tried a different class today and OUCH!  Body works – did I mention ouch? So apparently I’m weak in my hips…who knew?  (You know what theme song I’m thinking for this one don’t you: Dang that girl can move!  I must learn to do that.)


So she had us do this exercise that I apparently haven’t done in a very long time (I would describe it but that would just confuse you) and oh my gosh! Ouch! I asked the instructor afterwards what muscle that was targeting and she said the hip flexor.  AHA! I don’t think I ever specifically target that muscle in my workouts and I most certainly will now.

My sister and I have had this conversation before.  She holds her weight in her stomach and has major internal stomach issues and I hold my weight in my hips and thighs and I have major hip issues (the left one clicks when I walk and when I’m really stressed the clicking is worse and painful).  Maybe our bodies are trying to tell us something. Maybe that’s where we hold our stress.  You know in the end it’s all in your head anyways, right? Get your insides right and your outside will follow suit.

I’m not going to link the specific exercise in today’s blog because I’m going to challenge you to go out and try new things and learn about your body (after you have a full physical by a physician of course).  I took a Bar Method class a few weeks ago and confirmed that I actually do have a little duck to my walk/run in my right foot. Take a new class and find out what areas of your body need more attention than others.  Discover where you hold your stress and find stretches you can do to release it. The internet has made it so easy to help yourself.

Food tip of the day: I rarely eat anything that doesn’t taste good to me.  If my body wants something sweet, I have it.  I’ll even go as far as to spit it out if it isn’t “worth the calories”. To that end, I love this email alert from Publix: At Season’s Peak. Nothing grinds me more than getting produce back home that doesn’t taste right.  What’s at season’s peak right now? Clementines.  So go get a crate of them but read their tips and sign up for the alerts using the link above first. It can help you stay on track because you’ll enjoy eating healthy.


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