It’s the Small Things

Each month I’ll do a recap of the little things I’m learning along the way or doing to make positive changes in my life.

I tried a new class this week which if you’ve been reading you know is one of my favorite things – The Bar Method.  I don’t think it’s for me long term because a) it’s out of my budget and 2) I like to get really sweaty and I barely broke a sweat.  Now it was still hard as crap – don’t get me wrong – but there was absolutely no cardio involved and when I woke up I could walk.  For as hard as I worked I feel like I should have been sore.  Tonight I’m a little more sore which makes back-to-back days of soreness and that means progress so I’m still happy.

A friend and I ran in a race Sunday –  It’s kind of like amazing race without going to cool places like Egypt.  Each team wore costumes (i.e. dressed alike) and we were given a sheet of 12 tasks to complete.  They were in the form of clues though so it’s not like it said – “Go to the Fox Theater.” We could use only our legs or public transportation to get from place to place.  So fun!  And what made it the most fun was after we completed all of our tasks we were booking it up the stairs to turn in our sheet and show our photo proof and as we turned the corner the room was almost empty.  Two and a half hours ago that room was packed with teams.  Where was everyone you ask? WE FINISHED 4th!!!!  The handful of people that were in the room were the ones checking the sheets and the three, count ’em three, teams that finished ahead of us. WHAT?!?!  Yes sir.  A moderately fit 30 year old and a guy that hardly ever works out.  We were floored and so happy! Never again will we under estimate ourselves.


I’m trying to keep up with Deepak and Oprah’s mediation challenge. and I hope you’ll join along with me even if it’s taking 15 minutes of quiet time to clear your head.  I never regret it and boy do I need it…daily.

My midnight snacking mystery is solved.  I have to make sure two things happen in order to stop the snacking: 1) sleep in less clothes so I don’t wake up because I’m too hot (shorts and tanks only even in the winter) and B) eat enough for dinner.  Easy.  I’ve found that the solutions to your problems are usually right in front of you if you would just open your eyes (and close your mouth).

I wish I could see every sunrise and sunset but I realized today that I shouldn’t be disappointed about missing one because there will be another one tomorrow.  And the next day.  And the day after that… Tomorrow is another chance.



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