Maybe I Need a Boss After All


If I had a dollar for every time I said, “You’re not the boss of me” I’d have … well … a lot more dollars than a have now. A common theme this week has been that maybe I do need a boss.  Whoops…

For most of my life I have been my own boss besides a curfew in high school.  No one made sure I did my homeowrk or paid my bills or went to the doctor or reminded me to apply for college (you get the picture).  As the oldest of three and a child of divorced parents, I just did it.  I followed my own compass of what I thought I should be doing and that worked for me for a long time.  And by “worked”, I mean no one got hurt.  Well except maybe me in the long run.

Over the past month or so (maybe year) I see where now I need a boss in some (most) areas. (But let’s not tell anyone, okay?)  That’s hard to admit for me and maybe I’m not alone.  My boss needs to boss me at work so I have direction.  He knows more than I do and he’s been doing this much longer.  My fitness instructor definitely needs to boss me or I’ll be in the back skipping reps or using light weights.  Why else would personal trainers make so much money. (I have more examples but you get the point.) Now, obviously, ideally I’ll be able to do all these things without their “assistance”, but I’m human and I need help and I’m at a place where I’m good with asking for it. And honestly I think people that truly care about you are happy to help.

Andy Stanley spoke about it at church –  It was an amazing message including a story in the bible about a people that kept trying to just do whatever the heck they wanted to do and messing it up…badly.  The point being, it’s probably best if you aren’t the boss since you’re human. Instead of saying “I’m going to do whatever I want to as long as I’m not hurting someone” try saying “I’m going to do whatever I want to as long as it’s helping someone.”

I read an article that really touched me last week – “Smashed” by Joy Manning in Shape Magazine*.  It says that “Nearly 14 million American women are binge drinkers…” It sounds like I’m not the only one that needs assistance and that was a relief and why I write about it here.  Maybe others feel the same way but feel alone.  You aren’t.

(I’d love to link to the aforementioned article but I can’t find it anywhere online.  You’ll have to purchase the magazine and I recommend you do if this article speaks to you or if you’ve ever thought you might be a binge drinker.)

What in your life could you ask for help with today?



1.  30 days of physical activity was overshooting a bit.  I have missed a few days here and there but everyday I wake up and try to get back on track and I’m working out more than I was in the past. Hey… you have to have goals.  Doesn’t mean you are going to reach all of them.

2.  Lunch has been renewed (cue the angels singing):


Canned soup is out.  Fresh salad is in! I’ve started cooking a few extra breasts of chicken that I marinade in whatever salad dressing I’m using that month and bam! Add a spring mix, diced tomato and some shredded Mozzarella.  Set for the week.  Enjoy!


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