Learning from My Mistakes

So I’m in spin class and I can feel this zit on my face getting bigger by the minute (cute, huh?) and my skin hasn’t been the best lately so this is the third monster in a few weeks – hideous.  Truly hideous.  I may never get laid again kind of stuff.  And I’m a picker so I sit in front of my mirror and make it worse.  You’d think I would learn after years of my ex saying, “Stop touching it” and me not listening and having a giant crator on my face the next day at work…at 30 years old!  So I’m in spin class and all I decided in that moment that this was the one that I’m not going to pick and I’m saying it here so you can hold me accountable because tomorrow morning I’m going to want to pick it the moment I look in that mirror.


That’s when I decided what I would write about today – learning from my mistakes. I preach it – learn the lesson in it or you will just repeat it – so it’s high time I started acting on it.  I have yo-yo dieted my entire life and I am done with that.  I implemented this blog as a new way to keep me accountable and maybe even be my therapy to get me out of that cycle.

Lesson 72:  Don’t go to bed hungry or you will awaken at midnight for a snack. I hear my stomach now so I’ll go grab some grapes when I’m finished here so I don’t make that mistake again.

Lesson 176: If you eat that third brownie, your stomach will hurt.

Lesson 235: Putting everyone else first might make them happy but it will definitely make you unhappy.

Lots of lessons.  I’m learning everyday.  I hope you can learn a few things from my journey as I share it here or at least get a laugh or two at my stupidity at times.


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