30 Days of Physical Activity

Another challlenge…because it’s fun…and I’m bored with my fitness routine…30 days of physical activity.  Who’s in?

I was thinking about my comment the other day about only working out three days a week and then I looked at my underarm fat (guh-ross)…..hmmmm…coincidence? I think not.  So I went to one of my workout buddy’s house after a class at the gym and after a half a bottle of wine we decided this would be a good idea (but only if sexercise counts).  Done.  Sold.  We would text each other everyday with the activity we did and keep each other accountable.

My excuse was always the kid and his homework or dinner or whatever and she travels a lot for work but we agreed that we can do pushups/crunches/lunges.  It doesn’t have to be all complicated.  So I did my pushup app on medium last night – holy hardness! 80 pushups and I had to skip the last few sets.

One thing I have learned through all this is that you have to know yourself.  Don’t commit to something you know you won’t do.  You’re just setting yourself up for failure and no one likes to feel like a failure.  I know that I will not get up early and workout like I used to in college.  That bed (affectionately referred to as the cloud) is just too dang comfy and warm so I memorize the afternoon class schedule and pack a bag so I’ll workout after work.  I know I won’t push myself as hard as a class does so I make sure to go at a time that there’s an instructor that I like. I know that I’m not going to abstain from chocolate so I budget my calories so I can have it.

For me it had to be a lifestyle change.  I’m not built skinny and fit.  I have to work at it, but it’s worth the work…like most things. What was worth the hard work for you?


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