Have a Little Faith

Have you ever underestimated your abilities and afterwards thought, “Dang.  Maybe I could have done it better/harder/more”?

I tried the Push Ups Free app this morning and did just that.  I opened the app and clicked the “Easy” option and blew right through it. Probably won’t even be sore.

I have been buying large tops for years…like since high school.  I went shopping last night and for the first time since I can remember I finally had the confidence to buy medium right off the shelf (HAPPY DANCE!).

I had to come to work several days in pants that were too big on me before I finally listened to my girlfriend and stopped buying double digit sizes <insert huge toothy grin>.

Why is it so hard for us, especially women, to have faith in ourselves…to believe in ourselves?

The same thing at work. I don’t want to speak up because what I have to say is probably elementary and everyone will think I’m a dumb blonde, but one day recently I finally I spoke up.  Finally I applied for that position I thought I wasn’t ready for and you know what? They listened and appreciated my opinion and I got that position.

Set some goals, make them challenging but attainable and go for it.  You can do it.  You are smart enough.  You are brave enough. You are strong enough  Those people you see achieving the things you want are no different than you.  You are just as special as they are.  Love yourself enough to believe that you deserve to make all your dreams come true.  Don’t say “Why me?”, say “Why not me?”

Tomorrow I’m doing that app on medium.

And of course now I have this song in my head: (Please pass the gouda.)


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