They Don’t Know What They Don’t Know

I’m trying to decide who is teaching who here.  I think every lesson I try to instill in my son I think long and hard if I practice what I preach.  I think we’d all like to do that, right?

I like to sneak in my lessons too.  Kind of like we do with our veggies (which I did last night in some chili that I made and i highly recommend). Today was a hike with two of B’s friends and two other moms (one was mine and the other was a neighbor).  They were out for school so we made a day of it and drove up to the mountains to hike a portion of the Appalachian trail – Blood Mountain.  I hiked it last spring and have been hoping to drag him there to hike it since then but wasn’t sure he would be ready.  After our hike a few weeks ago, I thought it was time.  Plus I can blog about how to sneak workouts in for your kids.  Bonus.

And a workout it was!  Boy howdy! The boys were having a blast especially at first when it wasn’t very steep – looking at rocks and bugs.  Then it became steeper and steeper and there were more steps to climb.  We lost one hiker – my mom – due to her knees but she did awesome considering.  After she fell back it was just B and I bringing in the rear.  Our other three hikers were way ahead of us.  I felt very out of shape – lots of panting (not the good kind) and rest stops.  Then came the point I had been waiting for – B wanted to quit.  There was absolutely no way I could carry him as I had a pack on my back and I could barely carry myself.  Not to mention the little stinker is 70lbs so no. I was prepared…armed with all the things to motivate him to keep going:

I’m so proud of you for making it this far.

You’re doing so well.

It will be so worth it because the view from the top is amazing.

I’m so proud of you for taking care of your body.

And it worked!  He made it to the top!  We made it to the top and our friends were there waiting and winded as well.  It was so worth it especially for me because the look on his face when he turned to see the view from the top was awe and amazement and priceless.



I got to say, “See, it was worth all that hard work. Aren’t you glad you didn’t miss this?”

Hmmmm…definitely a lesson in there for both of us.

When did you take the easy road and wished you had pushed harder and put in the work? I always hike when I need to be reminded that it’s almost always worth the hard work because the view from the top is amazing.

PS Yes I hate those knee high socks that the kids are wearing these days.


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