I read an article last weekend that said if you focus on the muscle you are training, you will see better results.  I have actually heard this in the past and try to apply it when I remember it and it makes sense.  Multitasking is actually not all that great for you especially when it comes to working out and eating right (and a lot of other things but that’s again for an entirely different blog).

Currently I have the TV on, I’m chatting with a friend on my phone, and I’m blogging. How on earth can I be really good at any one of those things?  I’m sort of half assing all three.  The same goes with working out and eating right.  If you’re at the gym running on the treadmill (for example), reading a magazine and thinking of the pile of things at work you need to do, how can you pay attention to your heartrate and focus on getting better at whatever it is that you are doing? I have actually left a kickboxing class before because my head wasn’t in it.  I’ve found that if I don’t get this sweaty at the gym, there’s no point…



And sometimes I can’t get that sweaty if I’m distracted mentally.

I struggle with focus in many different areas and I’m working on it because I don’t think my lack of focus is doing anyone any good – especially me – and I’ve found that I’m worse about it after a few cocktails.  My sobriety experiment taught me that and I’m thankful for each lesson I’m learning everyday on this journey.

I’m going to turn off the TV now (at least I had it muted while I was typing).  My phone is already off and I’m going to forgive myself for being me and trying to do several things at once and vow to do better next time.  Are there any tricks you use to regain focus?


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