Confess…you can’t live without your apps either, can you?  I am not always on the cutting edge of apps but lucky for me, I know people that are. Two that I can’t love without are Lose It! and RunKeeper but my guess is that if you are reading this blog, you already know about those two.  Just in case, however, I use Lose It! to track the calories I intake and RunKeeper to track the calories I burn.  I used them heavily at the beginning of my quest but less now that I kind of know how much I burn per mile or how much a tuna melt from subway will cost me in the gym. Nike Training is another great one that I used in the beginning until I discovered that classes are my thing.

Two new ones that I’m going to try are C25K Free and Push-ups-free (I live for a good free app).


My dad, president of his local running group, called today and he’s on such a high from the Tri, where he just finished third in his age group – GO DAD – that he asked, “When is B going to be ready to do his first 5k?” B is my son and he has done a 5k but he’s only walked it.  I think it’s time and what better thing to do with your son than get fit so we will start C25K together the next full weekend I have him and hopefully I can talk his dad into continuing the days that he has him.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

The conversation with my dad was so inspiring.  I said to him, “You didn’t even go to the gym 10 years ago.  Did you ever think we’d be having this conversation?”  It’s an amazing thing to see someone transform and focus the way he has for the better.  He’s with his sick mother this week in Florida and being with her has made him realize even more that he is doing the right thing.   He’s learning so much about his body and teaching it to me and he’s so motivated.  I’m enjoying witnessing his journey and sharing it with you here.


What apps have helped you on your journey?


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