Making New Habits

So I just completed my second vacation since starting this blog and the one thing I have noticed is that this blog keeps me accountable to what I eat and do while on vacation which is a good thing.  My vacations these days look a lot different that my vacations of the past and some of that may just be due to maturation but I think a lot of it has to do with the new habits I am creating with the help of this blog and supportive people in my life.

Habit #1: Pack healthy snacks.

Duh, right? This does not have to be hard.  Some waters, triscuits, bananas, apples (lucky for me it’s apple season) and grapes or whatever works for your family and you can get your kids eat.  Just about anything you pack will be better than what will tempt you at the register at that hole in the wall gas station.  Use this tip for work too.  I keep almonds in my desk at work.  They don’t go bad, they aren’t so yummy that I want to eat the whole back but they will tide me over if I’m starving and it’s not time to eat. Here are two of our roadtrip favorites:

  image      image

Habit #2:  Plan your physical activity.

I shoot for three workouts a week. With a kid and job and social life, that’s about all I can commit to.  It’s not a ton and I recommend more but it works for me right now.  This week all my workouts had to be while I was on vacation since I was on mom duty the days before I left.  It was a worthwhile sacrifice that I highly recommend.  I even told my friend traveling with me beforehand so he would be supportive.  He only grumbled a tad and then he scheduled some fun physical activity for us one day.  We biked all over the island – well maybe it was only 4-5 miles but it felt more like 10 – and then we did a sunset kayak trip that night.  It was so fun to try something new!


Was it a little hard to hear him say, “Okay you go to the gym.  I’m going to go back to sleep.”? Sure.  Was I slightly offended that he thought I should go to the gym while he slept? Maybe. Did I want to crawl back in bed on my vacation? Absolutely! But I didn’t and I’m thankful that I didn’t because I always feel better when I workout – mentally and physically.

Habit #3: Drink less.

This one is big for me.  I love a happy hour, wine with dinner, mimosa or Bloody Mary at breakfast….I could go on but I’ll spare you and me.  After my 30+ days of sobriety, it’s no longer a habit to drink at every meal and I’m kind of digging that.  I got to see that big time on vacation.  I’m not tired as early, I feel great in the morning and I spend a lot less money (dang those hotel drinks can be expensive).  Did I miss the dancing and uninhibited fun? Sure.  It’s a different lifestyle and one that I’m trying on for size to see how it fits. What can it hurt? I’ll admit I am enjoying waking up feeling great to enjoy these beautiful sunrises.


I’m creating new habits as I go.  I’m sure I’ll come up with some more.  What habits would you like to create or break?


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