Just One

Are three pumpkin muffins really necessary? What about three pieces of Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread? Both absolutely mouthwatering (literally my mouth just watered and I’m not even remotely hungry) but caloric and one is enough.  One workout is enough.  One marathon is enough. One job is enough.  One Harley.  One glass of wine. One basket of chips…okay maybe that’s stretching it…let’s stick with one small serving of chips.

Less is more.  Moderation is key.  You’ve heard all those, right?  Well they just might be onto something and it could go across the board in life (there I go again with those themes).  Maybe you only need one boyfriend or one husband or one wife.  Maybe you only need to volunteer for one organization at a time. Maybe one kid is enough (not totally sold on this one yet).

My girlfriend says,”Martinis are like boobs:  one isn’t enough and three is too many.” Maybe she’s wrong.  Maybe boobs are the only things good in twos.


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