Something To Get Excited About

If you’re anything like me, you need something to get excited about.  A project if you will.  It can be something as small as new workout gear to something as big as having a baby or this blog (two very different things I realize).  I even got excited about those new cloth stretchy hair ties with a knot in it.  I’m sure there’s a much simpler name but I’ll just show you a picture instead.

Finding something new to get excited about has really helped me to stay fit.  Every few months I switch up which classes I go to so right now I’m on a spin kick.  Soon I’ll probably try running again and train for a 5k.  I’m not a huge runner so while this doesn’t sound like much, it is for this 2-miler.  To each their own, right?  Same thing for food.  I like to try new recipes and snacks to see if I can get healthy stuff to taste good and, an even harder task, see if I can get the kiddo to <gasp> eat it too.  Recently I was traveling for work.  One member of the group suggested this pizza place but I really wanted something new and much healthier so I called my friend who I know is a runner so I figured she would know of something healthy and she did not disappoint.  WOW!  All three of us were impressed.  I had the Iron booster with spinach, tomatoes, chicken, bean sprouts and lots of other yummy goodness and my two friends had delicious paninis that I had to try.  They also had this funky cold salad with quinoa, corn, raisins, and again…other yummy goodness.  I highly recommend the Kayak Kafe if you are ever in Savannah.  (They even serve ciders and beers and we were not mad about that.)


I even had a friend once that music was her “something to get excited about.”  She would make a new playlist depending on her mood before each workout.  I love this idea but in no way do I have the time and I NEVER know what I want to hear until I hear it.

Going on vacation soon?  Google the bike/hiking trails in the city you are visiting.  Plan ahead to visit the grocery story when you get there to stock up on healthy snacks.  It’ll be easier on your waistline and your wallet.

What excites you?  Find something to get excited about.


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