Sunday Funday

I wanted to get in another workout since this week had been so light.  I knew I would have the kiddo all day and it’s soooo nice outside.  I decided that we would find a new place to hike so I fired up google yesterday.  I didn’t want to drive far since I’d been in the car a lot this past week so I just searched for the best hikes in the city and voila – a plethora of choices.  I picked one along a large river that was less than 10 miles away.

This morning I made sure to pack a change of clothes and my Merrells to change into after church and two bottles of waters and we were set.  What a gorgeous day for it too!  We took our time and didn’t work up a huge sweat but my guess is that we hiked a few miles.  I wasn’t concerned about calories or distance.  This workout was all about enjoying this gorgeous weather and nature and discovering a new place with him.


I love getting fit with my son and I hope it’s something we can share for many years to come although I realize the harsh truth is that one day soon he may be “too cool” to hang out with his mom and that’s why I am going to soak up every second of it while I can.


Afterwards we went for froyo with a coupon for a free 5oz serving (it was burning a whole in our pocket) and then went to the grocery store.  I watch him pick up a package of food and instantly check out the nutritional information and I beam with pride.  Maybe it’s working.  Maybe he will pickup my new found healthy habits.  (I realize that’s a package of caramels but hey…it’s a start!)



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