The Good Stuff Requires the Most Work

I did not wake up fat.  I will not wake up skinny.  Which is the opposite of what I used to say frequently.  Getting into shape requires a commitment.  It requires sweating really hard at the gym when you really just want to take a nap (that was me today).  It requires eating one pumpkin muffin instead of 2.5 (failed at today but dang they were good).  It requires patience (something I lack except with my son most days).

This is a common theme in life that I have noticed more as I have gotten older as well.  If you want to have a rewarding career, you must do the hard work and, for example, get your masters degree or any degree for that matter.  If you want to be a better mom, you have to read books and talk to other moms.  If you want to eat better, you have to pay attention to the calories and nutritional information of the things you are putting in your mouth (huge pain but only at first).  If you want to be a better Christian, you need to read the bible and get up early every Sunday and go to church.  If you want to be a better friend/spouse, you have to put in the time it takes to maintain that relationship.  If you want to have healthy finances, you must do the work to create a budget.  You get the point.

Taking the easy way out will only put you back where you were – no forward progress.  The good stuff is on the other end of all that hard work, but don’t be overwhelmed.  Inch by inch and life’s a cinch.  Take it one step at a time.  Tackle one area of your life.  That’s what it’s about anyways isn’t it?  Learning each day how to live your best life and once you have learned it all, check yourself before you wreck yourself because there’s still more to learn.  Around every corner is an opportunity to learn or teach.  Take that opportunity.  Don’t waste it.  You’ll be glad you did, but when you don’t, forgive yourself.  You’re human.  Do better tomorrow.


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