Doing what you want to do vs. Being who you want to be

I have learned that there can be a big difference between doing what you want to do and being who you want to be.  You must first decide who you want to be and then make choices based on that decision.  You must make certain that on a daily basis you are making choices that line up with who it is you want to be. Duh, right?

Well for some reason that wasn’t so clear to me for some years.  So I ended up in a place where I was making decisions in the moment that didn’t benefit me or my family longterm.  Well enough of that.  Goals and priorities and a vision of my future. That’s what I have now and I couldn’t be more excited!

Who do I want to be? I want to be a good mom.  I want to be a fit mom. I want to be someone my parents can be proud of. I want to be a great example for those that work with me.  I want to be an inspiration to those around me and I want my actions to match my words.

What do I need to do to be those things? Spend quality time with my son teaching him about life and showing him how much I love him without spoiling him (balance).  Make working out a priority.  Eat more salads and less fried foods (I’m NOT giving up chocolate). Drink less alcohol – that only leads to bad food decisions and not going to the gym the next day. Read more books/blogs/articles on how to be better at all these things.

Does that mean that I will be perfect? No Does that mean I won’t slip and eat some fries or not workout here or there? No. What it means is that I WILL get up the next day and I will refocus on my goals, priorities and vision.

Who do you want to be?


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