I Must Have Been Catholic

Oh the guilt.  I must have been Catholic in another life.


What do I have guilt about you ask?  A freaking hamburger.


A greasy patty topped with greasy cheese in between two buns without one gram of fiber I’m sure and precisely five steak fries off my son’s plate. The worst part is that it wasn’t even that good!  Ugh!  I was so good all day that I really should just let it go.  A smoothie, a boiled egg, four almonds, and then a chef salad for lunch. Then I blew it.  Okay.  This is the moment in which I’m letting it go.  I can’t take it back so what’s my other option?  Tomorrow will be a better day.  Tomorrow I will not have a greasy hamburger and I will do the Kaiser Permanente Corporate 5k.  Ah.  All better.  Join me and release the guilt of the past (maybe I’m talking about more that just food but you’ll have to read another blog for that).  Tomorrow is a new day.  Tomorrow you can start over and be the person you know you can be (yes, definitely talking about more than hamburgers).


One thought on “I Must Have Been Catholic

  1. “Sweet the sin, but bitter the taste in my mouth.” A great lyric from “Running to Stand Still” by U2. It speaks directly to this post! We know it’s wrong, but it’s so hard to fight it. And then we feel awful afterwards.

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