Mixing It Up

So yesterday I told you about adding variety to my smoothies.  Well that’s actually kind of a theme for me.  I like to mix it up with most things I do to keep it interesting. I’ve learned this about me over the years.  I think that’s the key to figuring out a life long plan that will work for you.

Today I mixed it up with my workout, which I have to do or I will get bored. My friend Mark surprised me today and took me to Tennessee to paddle board which I was so excited about (once we got there and I knew what we were doing)!  Neither of us had done it before so we were a little nervous that we’d spend most of the time in the water but low and behold we were champs and didn’t fall in once! It was a beautiful day for it and so much fun.  He even challenged me to do a downward dog on my board to which I accepted and completed successfully.  I’m bound and determined that the next time we go, I’ll be able to do a headstand on it.  First though, I must be able to do it on dry land. One thing at a time.

So do you like to keep your workouts routine or change things up a bit? What works best for you?

(The kid who took a photo of me on my paddle board has yet to send it to me or you could see that I actually did it. NTS: bring your own phone/camera!!!)


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